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With over 19 years of experience, Prowake is one of Sydney's most trusted wakeboard shops, made available at your fingertips, offering a wide array of wakeboards and wake gear from the best wakeboard brands at reasonable prices. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, we have something for everyone. Come and see us today and let us help you take your wakeboarding to the next level!

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Check out Prowake! We have everything you need to get started on your next adventure, from wakeboards for sale in Sydney to all corners of Australia, including wakeboard accessories at great prices. Order now and get Free Shipping for orders above $99!

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Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake   Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake  Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake   Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake   Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake   Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake

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Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake

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About Prowake 

The store opened in the Gold Coast in 2003 as Daniel Watkins DejaVu and was later rebranded and launched their online store as Prowake in 2007.

Fast-forward 10 years and Prowake is now the online industry leader and most trusted name in Australia for wakeboard, wakesurf, wakeskate and waterski products and services, with a deep range from all leading brands and customers base that spreads to every corner of Australia.

A bit of a history lesson...

Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake

(Daniel Watkins, Wakeboarding Magazine. Circa 2009)

The Brothers Watkins have been in the watersports industry for more than 30 years. They helped shape Australia's wakeboarding scene and they have been a huge influence on what we know about the sport today. It is no wonder why they have such a big following.

Growing up in the wakeboarding scene, Daniel was the first professional Australian wakeboarder to compete in USA. He was one of Australia's wakeboarding pioneers in the early days of competitive wakeboarding and became a 3-time world champion only at the age of 23. He also paved the way and brought the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding to Australia in 2000.

Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake

(Daniel Watkins, Tigé Team Shoot. Circa 2010)

Meanwhile, Mick was an editor at large for Australia's most prominent wakeboard magazines: Wake and Boarder.

Since then, the brothers have spearheaded various wakeboarding events such as the Monster Energy Tigé Tour, Grommie Nats, the ProWake Show and Tigé Owners Reunions.

Here's a sneak peak of the Moster Energy Prowake Show:

Daniel had a vision for what he believed the Gold Coast could be. His love of wakeboarding and desire to see it thrive led him down this path of opening the wakeboard shop Gold Coast, where now people from all over come not only buy the gear but also learn how their gear works too!

In 2009, Daniel opened the Gold Coast Wake Park, a facility where people go to enjoy wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiing, and wakeskating. At that time, Mick stepped down and let Daniel take the reigns of Prowake.

How to get the right gear for you?

Choosing the right wakeboarding gear isn't as simple as grabbing a basic wakeboard, tying a rope to a boat, and going out there.

There are a variety of gear you need to have when wakeboarding. In addition, some protective equipment such as vests, helmets, and boots are also necessary.

Wakeboarding is a sport that continues to evolve, and wakeboard designs continue to change according to the rider's preference. As a result, various boards are made available to suit each rider's riding style for every corresponding terrain. 

When choosing a wakeboard, first check your height and weight. These measurements help determine the size of the wakeboard you need.

Larger boards usually have more stability, something to consider when buying a wakeboard. However, having low stability means it would be more challenging to stay on the board. That said, you will undoubtedly spend more time floating on the water than shredding. However, a stable board will allow for comfortable footing, making it easy to maintain balance.

Prowake is dedicated to helping you choose the best gear for your riding needs. We offer boat boardspark boards, and even hybrid boards that combine the technology of both park and boat boards.

Check out our collection here or call us! We can help assess your skills and give the best advice to help you find the most suitable gear for FREE!

📞 07 5522 8222

We didn’t say it, they did! 

Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake


Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? If you're looking for wakeboards but don't want to physically visit our wakeboard shop in Gold Coast and don't know which board to pick, it's the perfect last-minute present delivered instantly to your inbox. 

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Brendan Paige a professional Barefoot Water-skier is now part of Prowake. With over 10 years of experience, he's ready to share his knowledge and help you find the right gear that will suite your riding style.


Wakeboards for sale sydney - Prowake

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From time to time, we've put together an authoritative review of the best Wakeboards in the market. Our team provides amazing feedback of the famous brands based on its features like the materials used, price, diversity of product, reputation in the industry, etc.

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