Slingshot’s Surf Report - Waist High and Glassy

2017 slingshot wakesurfer

As a brand founded by a legendary board shaper, surfing is ingrained deep in Slingshot’s DNA. Take one look at our 2017 wakesurf line and this connection becomes clear. As elegant as it is high-performance, this line is a product of decades of shaping experience and is designed to give you the best ride possible on the endless wave.
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The Cobra Cat features a traditional shape with a classic surf outline designed for tight turns and aggressive surf style riding. The fin configuration provides the option of running it with a single, twin or thruster setup, The Cobra Cat features a v-spine, double concave hull, exaggerated concave rail, NEW NOSE ROCKER and FCS II fin boxes / fins.

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2017 Slingshot Gnarwhal Wakesurfer
The Gnarwhal is our progressive surf shape with a snubbed nose and fat tail. This shape results in more surface area in a smaller space, so you can tuck into the sweet spot of the wave and work the power zones more efficiently. The Gnarwhal is great for attacking the lip and boosting airs, thanks to its fast rocker line and wide profile. The Gnarwhal features a v-spine, double concave hull, exaggerated concave rail, NEW NOSE ROCKER and FCS II fin boxes / fins
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2017 Slingshot Butterbar Wakesurfer
The Butter Bar is a pin-tail, skim-style board that appeals to riders of all ability levels. The Butter Bar’s low volume makes it the easiest board in our lineup to submerge, which helps when learning or teaching deep-water starts. The board has a fast glide speed which is great for success on smaller waves, and for more advanced riders, the Butter Bar is an excellent board for learning spins, shuvits and skate-style tricks.
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2017 Slingshot Wakesurfer XR
All three wakesurf shapes can be upgraded with the addition of a high-tech carbon matrix overlay and stringer that yields added stiffness and strength, plus it gives the board an unbelievable visual appeal. This gorgeous board upgrade puts others to shame, plain and simple.
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2017 Slingshot Wakesurfer FCSII
NO ONE LIKES A TOOL - 2017 Cobra Cat and Gnarwhal models feature FCS II Fin Technology that makes it effortless to pop the fins in and out in a matter of seconds, allowing you to customize your ride on the fly. Easily removing the fins makes it more convenient to store your boards, protect your fins, and even more importantly, PROTECTS THE BOAT! Board models come standard with FCS II Carver Glass Flex fins and can be upgraded to any FCS II fin on the market, plus the boxes are also backwards compatible with Gen.1 FCS fins.
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