2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review

2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range: Which is better?

Locky Fort reviews the 2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range
2021 Slingshot Space Mob Boots
It’s the chosen boot for every serious cable rider who considers themselves to be “in the know”, and even a few of those who aren’t “in the know” managed to get their feet into a pair. How could you not when they come equipped with our signature Gummy Strap closure system, a removable tongue insert for customizing stiffness, the comfiest walkable liners in the biz, and more.
2021 Slingshot KTV Boots
No liners to lose and no laces to fiddle with. Just a simple boot that rises to the occasion in all riding conditions and locations. You’ll be in and out of the board in a flash thanks to the Gummy Strap closure system, which is simple, effective, and reliable. As an added bonus, Gummy Straps can be swapped out for different color combinations (secondary colorway included) to add a personal “flare” to your setup.
2021 Slingshot Rad Boots
For 2021 we’ve upgraded the closure system to include a lower zone Gummy Strap, complementing the existing laced lower zone with our integrated H.H.D. (heel hold system.) For those riders looking for the most secure fit possible for all disciplines of wakeboarding, the all new RAD boot is ready to deliver.
Locky Fort here, Prowake team rider and Slingshot team rider.
2021  Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review
Here to talk about the 2021 bindings. So first we've got the space mobs, this would be good if you want to walk around.
2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review
Because of removable inners, that way you can have the three gummy straps as well. Super removable, super quick to get in and out of. 
2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review
Show the bindings. Look at that soft sole on the bottom, really good for rough terrain. Uh, rocks and things like that.
2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review
If you want to do some one-foot tricks, mess around on the board a bit too. Next up is the KTV's these are really good if you're going to have some gummy straps no messing around.
2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review
Super flexy and sort of a more fun feeling on the board. Uhm, so you can lock into those presses as well.
2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range Review
Now my personal favourite this year is RADS. This is what I'm gonna be riding. Uhm, these are the laces it's a super, super tight feeling on the board. But also super fun,
2021 Slingshot Wake Boot Range ReviewSo, yeah. Highly recommend these ones. Go find yourself a pair, Slingshot 2021
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