2021 Slingshot Women's Park Wakeboards Review

Kim Show's off the Two Chick's Boards' : 2021Slingshot Range

 2021 Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard

The tapered Flex Tips and a more rigid belly give the Contrast the perfect blend of cable and boat performance - it has all the pop and ollie power you need for behind the boat while the Flex Tips delivered unmatched press-ability in the park.

 2021 Slingshot Valley Wakeboard

The ultra “cush” flex pattern takes the speed bumps out of every obstacle and surface, delivering buttery smooth slides and presses in the park. The smooth base and blocky sidewalls make for a fast and free feeling riding experience on the water while maximizing the board's durability.



What’s up guys! It’s Kim here from Prowake. Today I’m here to show you two awesome chicks' boards from the Slingshot 2021 range.

First up the Slingshot Contrast and then the Slingshot Valley

2021 Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard

So the Contrast first all is an awesome board all over boat and cable. Kickers and sliders for the girls. Ballistic base on it so it's awesome for the rails, stiff belly, soft tips. 

2021 Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard

Removable fins so when you wanna ride behind the boat you can chuck those in or if you’re shredding the cable take them out. Awesome graphics this year, that’s the top pick, that one is $869 this year, so boat and cable good crossover.

Our second one up is the Slingshot Valley $779 this is a chicks park board so all over flex super soft floors, no fins, no moulded rails, no nothing. Perfect for the girls for the cable park. Uh, sliders a little bit of kickers and graphics are on point this year.

2021 Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard

This board has got an awesome price board at $779 you can check on some Jewel boots and have great set up for the year. I actually chose this board to ride this year so I’m super excited to get out on it and give it a ride.



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