Best selling 3 Person Tubes Features Review by Prowake

3 Person Tubes Review

Bailey is here to give us a quick feature overview of the best-selling 3 person tube on the market!



Hey guys, Bailey from Prowake back with another quick comparison video. Today, we're looking at our best-selling 3 person tube on the market. 

On the left here, we've got the Radar Chase 3. In the middle, we've got the Jetpilot JP Wing 3 and on the right, we've got the Radar Liftoff. So we just have a quick features on them. 

On the Radar Chase 3, we actually got a 2 tow points. You can tie this from the front and the reel. And also includes go pro mount on the front center here. 

With the Jetpilot Wing 3, it looks like it comes with a go pro mount in the front and center. But this one looks like it has wings on either side so the kids could put their knees and put on hold themselves a bit better with those hard wings. 

And on the right, we've got the Radar Liftoff Tube which doesn't come with a go pro mount board it does come with is a padded knuckles pads. So when the kids are finished their tube right their hands aren't blistered up and sore. 

Yeah, that's a quick couple features on all these 3 tubes and jump on our website or give us a call in-store and we get to help you out. Cheese!

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