Prowake Kneeboards Review

Bailey is here to talk about the best selling kneeboards on the market!


Hey guys, Bailey back with another techy video here for ya. Today we've got the best-selling 3 kneeboards on the market. 

We've got the Raptor Riot, the HO Electron and the HO Joker. Starting off with the Raptor, its got all the channels at the bottom like the other beginner kneeboard. 

It got the continuous rocker and it's also got a single lock system strap. 

Moving over to the Electron, we've got the rope holder up at the top front center there. So the kids can ride along and start with the roping the board. 

We've also got the powerlock straps and we've got the channels in the bottom with the continuous rocker. This one also has got a tip and tail for extra stability on the water. 

Moving over to the 3rd and final board, we've got the HO Joker with a sick graphics at the back also with the channels as well. This got a 2-Stage rocker and a squared off tip and tail. 

Retail for the Raptor is to $229.99. Retail for the HO Electron is to $299.99 and retail for the Ho Powerlock Joker is $599.99. 

If you have any more questions give me a call on 5522-8222 or head over to for more details!

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