Top Picks for Mens Vest 2020

Bailey gives his top picks for the 2020 Men's Vest!


Hey guys Bailey back from Prowake with another top pick tour. Today we're talking men's vest.


On the left here, I've got a Follow (B.P.) Brenton Priestly Vest.


In the middle, we've got this Jetpilot X1 Lewy Watt Vest


and on the right we've got the KGB Control Vest


Starting with the features on the Follow Vest, we've got the new cute little chest wide pocket open and close. Down the bottom we've got the lower adjustment strap. 


Moving over to the Jetpilot Vest, it's actually got the siding packsaddle to prevent some injury tackle over rails and stuff and we've got centralized adjustment strap on this one here as well and the split up cutting down the center.

Moving over onto the KGB Vest, this one's got really thin padding and it's also got the pocket on the chest area which has little attachment in there.

So if you have any more questions give me a call on (07)5522-8222 or hit us up on the Prowake website. KGB has got me convinced!

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