2024 Follow Vests Size Guide

Remember! If it's not tight, it's not safe.
Pro Fit and Pro Fit 2
-The Pro Fit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body and not up around your ears in the water.
Follow men's vest size guide
Happy Fit
-Made for the keg, not the six pack, this is a more relaxed fit for the happier belly without sacrificing the performance of the vest. If you normally feel like your life vest is hugging you a little too tight, we think you will like this fit.
Follow Happy Fit Vest Size Guide
Ladies' Fit & Ladies' Pro Fit 2
-Secure but comfortable across the chest and tapered at the waist for a custom ladies’ cut.
Follow Vest Ladies' Fit Size Guide
Kid's Fit
-We take the kids CGA Vests and give it the Follow touch with high quality materials and construction designed to get the most out of a CGA design.
Follow Vests Kid's Fit Size Guide
*Remember that all neoprene will stretch 10% when wet. 


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