Collection: 2022 Follow Rope & Handle Packages

2022 Follow Wake Season 10.5

 Our Handles 

These are the handles our team uses. Calibrated for performance, quality and capability, our Pro handles are not just as stylish as they come, they are also as hardworking as you need them to be. Custom end caps and injected foam-filled bars give you the assurance you need that every Follow Pro Handle is a powerful ally along for the ride.

Our Ropes

The Pro Rope has more extensions than you will ever need, but the progression is the key. PU Coated Rope with printed line lengths, user-friendly features, like short 50FT mainlines for beginners, to 2.5FT extensions on each end you can progress out as you need. Why tie knots in your Pro Rope, just make it work for everyone from the start.

Rope & Handle Tech

Our first impulse as a brand ten seasons ago was to create a better handle for the rider. We have expanded our line and grown into a greater company than we could imagine, but our dedication to producing the best quality handle in the industry is still there.

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