Terms and Conditions

Please READ these Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly before purchase. If you cannot agree to ANY of the outlined terms and conditions please do not commit to your purchase as we will not accept any variations to our terms and conditions.

Before Making a Purchase

  • Please CHECK the products you are buying are exactly what you are looking for. You have every opportunity to leave prior to entering into the purchase agreement without cause for us to involve ourselves with administering the transaction and incurring costs to do so or suffering any “loss” in the process.
  • The act of placing an order and finalising the PayPal process is solely the responsibility of the purchaser, allowing the use by others is NOT our responsibility, and you agree that any other parties that uses your identity do so with your approval and act as your agent/representative.
  • Accidental purchase is unacceptable as it is your responsibility to complete all forms, agree to all terms, and approve the final transaction of payment through PayPal.

About Transactions

  • Cancellations of the purchase is at the discretion of ProWake.com.au and are subject to a cancellation fee. Cancellation / Administrative fees will be $50 or 5% of total whichever is greater.
  • No Return or Refund will be given if the ORIGINAL PACKAGE has been Opened!
  • Refunds will only be issued for the goods still in original package, seals haven’t been broken or the original box hasn’t been damaged! The goods must be in good resell condition! If the box was damaged, no refund!

About Stock

We cannot guarantee stock availability although we endeavor to maintain stock levels and display accurate stock levels at all times..
  • We reserve the right to cancel our offers at anytime to cater to availability.
  • We advertise in good faith that the items are available at time of listing.
  • If any errors are evident in the listing we may at our discretion void the transaction.
  • We are not responsible for misleading information in item descriptions, but endeavour to provide accurate information on every item. If you are unsure about a product you should make an enquiry prior to purchase.
  • Any pictures or photos in the advertisement are intended for illustration purposes only, unless specified otherwise.

Insurance and Freight

  • Insurance of goods against loss or damage is buyer’s responsibility. Unless specified and paid for, goods will be sent without additional insurance and compensation will be limited to $50
  • Lost or stolen packages and delays in delivery are not the responsibility of us, our duty of care is to pass your item over to the freight service to perform the delivery function.

Other General Disclaimers


Prices shown are intended to be accurate, but ProWake.com.au does not guarantee the accuracy of the listed price on items. ProWake.com.au reserves the right to alter pricing including rejected orders due to pricing inaccuracies.

All prices shown are Australian Dollar and are GST inclusive.

Returns & Refunds

For full returns and refunds terms and conditions please click here.

Freight Terms & Conditions

For full freight terms and conditions please click here.

Warranty Claims

For full warranty terms and conditions please click here.

Online Transaction Errors

ProWake.com.au reserves the right to not fulfill any transaction of any type if ProWake.com.au deems the transaction to have either occurred in error, or, to contain an error in the transactional process. An error can be, but is not limited to, the following: a database malfunction, internal code error or human processing error resulting in miscalculation of product pricing; a database malfunction, internal code error or human processing error resulting in price inaccuracies for sub-totals and/or grand totals of transactions; a database malfunction, internal code error or human processing error resulting in erroneous discounts including, but not limited to, online promotion discounts, gift voucher discounts, promotional gift voucher discounts, specific product discounts, bulk product discounts, category discounts, end-of-season discounts, close-out discounts and store credit discounts; a database malfunction, internal code error or human processing error resulting in miscalculations of quantities ordered compared to the sub-total and grand total price of such miscalculations; and a database malfunction, internal code error or human processing error resulting in electronic downloads of a product that exceed the quantity entered and the matching price paid, as per the previous condition.