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2024 HO Stance Adj Rear Toe Plate Ski Boot

2024 HO Stance Adj Rear Toe Plate Ski Boot

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2024 HO Stance Adj Rear Toe Plate

Discover the 2024 HO Stance Adjustable Rear Toe Plate at Prowake! This top-notch, one-size-fits-all solution is designed for comfort and flexibility, offering a customizable fit with its static lace system, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for both men and women. Crafted with high-strength 6061 Grade Aluminum Plates, it's the perfect addition to your wakeboarding gear for enhanced balance and performance on the water.

Designed for comfort and flexibility

ONE SIZE FITS ALL (Adjustable)

Available in Men's & Women's colorways

The Stance Adjustable Rear Toe Plate is a solid choice for skiers searching for comfort and functionality. The SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner delivers a snug yet comfy fit, while the static lace allows for size adjustability to fit a wide range of feet. A lighter weight and more comfortable alternative to a rubber rear toe loop, the Stance ART is customizable to your foot size. Just tighten the static lace overfoot and you’re good to go. No more jamming your foot into a rear boot that doesn’t fit right. The 6mm thick, Baseless, zero drop orthotic footbed enhances skier to ski balance. Made with quality, high strength 6061 Grade Aluminum Plates, no cheap plastic on this crucial ski to boot connection! Matches perfectly with the Stance 130 and Stance 110
front boots.


Quick Features:

  • SBR Closed Cell Foam Liner
  • Static Lace
  • Lightweight build
  • 6 mm Baseless, zero drop, orthotic footbed
  • High Strength 6061 Grade Aluminum Plate