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Double Up

2023 Double Up Atlas Pro Blank Wakeboard

2023 Double Up Atlas Pro Blank Wakeboard

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2023 Double Up Atlas Pro Blank Wakeboard

Designed for 3 X world champion Lior Sofer. DUP designers and engineers customised the Atlas shape and construction to Lior’s smooth style and powered up line loading. The Atlas has complexity and subtlety not seen in other DUP shapes. Tapered tip and tail profile reduces swing weight while creating release. Three quarter length step down rail gets you locked and loaded. Blended concave and vee softens the heaviest landing. Com-bining all of this with our all new Dyna6 Base formula, the Atlas is the standard in wakeboard versatility. Sabbaba


  • All new Dyna6 base formula
  • Step Down rail
  • Concave and Vee Blended Hull
  • Polyurethane Side Walls
  • 600 Gram Tri Axle Fibreglass layup
  • Tapered Tip / Tail profile
  • 3 Stage Rocker