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2024 Hyperlite Commander 1300 Foil Kit

2024 Hyperlite Commander 1300 Foil Kit

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2024 Hyperlite Commander 1300 Foil Kit

All-Ability Level Foil Assembly with Carbon & Aluminum Parts

Introducing the 2024 Hyperlite Commander 1300 Foil Kit, an excellent choice for foil enthusiasts of all skill levels. Now available at ProWake, this Foil Assembly combines the best of both carbon and aluminum materials for a versatile and maneuverable ride. The Commander 1300 features a stable wing design with a front wing made of prepreg carbon fiber and a polyurethane core, measuring 1328.6 cm2, while the rear wing is also constructed with carbon fiber and PU foam, landing at 227 cm2. With a high-quality 60/61T aluminum fuselage and mast, M8 hardware compatibility, and a length of 60.3 cm for the fuselage and 28.52" for the mast, this assembly pairs seamlessly with any foil board on the market. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced foiler, the Commander 1300 offers an exciting and versatile experience on the water.

The Commander 1300 is an all-ability level Foil Assembly built with a mix of carbon and aluminum parts. The front wing is prepreg carbon fiber with a polyurethane core measuring at 1328.6 cm2 and the rear wing lands at 227 cm2. The fuselage and mast are constructed with high quality 60/61T Aluminum, fuselage is 60.3 cm in length and the mast has a depth of 28.52”. The Commander 1300 utilizes M8 hardware throughout and will pair with any foil board on the market today. 


  • Carbon Fiber & 6061T Aluminum Construction
  • Beginner Friendly Stable Wing Design with added Maneuverability 
  • Front Wing – Carbon Fiber / PU Foam Core 
    • Wingspan: 72.6 cm (28.57”)
    • Wing Chord: 18.3 cm (7.2”)
    • Wing Area: 1328.6 sq cm (205.9 sq inch)
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:1
    • Wing Angle: 0.6 Degrees
  • Rear Wing – Carbon Fiber / PU Foam Core
    • Wingspan: 34.1 cm (13.43”)
    • Wing Chord: 9.1 cm (3.58”)
    • Wing Area: 227 sq cm (35.2 sq inch)
    • Aspect Ratio: 5.1:1
    • Wing Angle: -2.5 Degrees
  • Mast – Aluminum Extrusion 6061T
    • Height: 72.5 cm (28.52”)
    • Chord: 11.5 cm (4.53”)
  • Fuselage – Machine Aluminum 6061T 
    • Length: 60.3 cm (23.75”)
  • Fasteners – M8