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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Aero 6X Binding - Black

2024 Liquid Force Aero 6X Binding - Black

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2024 Liquid Force Aero 6X Binding - Black

When it comes to lightweight bindings, nothing else even comes close! 

The 2024 Liquid Force Aero 6X Binding in Black is the ultimate choice for riders who demand the perfect balance of mobility and support. Designed in collaboration with wakeboarding legend Harley Clifford, these bindings are not only incredibly lightweight but also feature a unique Carbon w/ TPU Matric Flexible Support Structure for added strength without the extra weight. With the 6X™ Chassis system, Honeycomb Flex Floor, and Reflex Performance Liner, these bindings offer top-tier performance for riders looking to push the limits. Available now in sleek black at ProWake!

Harley, being the demanding athlete he is, pushes his gear to its limit. Whether he's sending jaw-dropping runs on the pro tour or launching himself off massive doubles behind his boat, he requires a binding that strikes the perfect balance between mobility and unparalleled support.

Additionally, Harley expressed his desire for the lightest binding possible. To meet his expectations, we went above and beyond by utilizing laser-cut technology to eliminate any unnecessary weight from the AERO 6X binding. The result? An astonishingly low weight of just 4 lbs.!


  • The Liquid Force 6X™ Chassis system is a state of the art 6" wide mounting platform. Created by a dream team of world class athletes and Relentless designers, the 6X™ Chassis is the foundation for lightweight, comfortable, and responsive bindings for Boat and Cable riders alike.
  • The Carbon w/ TPU Matric Flexible Support Structure is unique to the Aero 6X™. This adds strength to the binding without added weight. The carbon flexes to keep full mobility while keeping the ankle fully supported.
  • Honeycomb Flex Floor and TPE Impact Dampening Base keep things smooth underfoot and add shock absorbers to your ride. The Honeycomb floor also doubles as full-length chassis water drainage system.
  • Comfort and performance meet in perfection with our Reflex Performance Liner and TPE Impact Dampening Base. The Reflex liner offers plenty of support and comfort while still being able to fill your desire to tweak!
  • Universally Compatible with 6” Inserts and LF FlexTrack Wakeboards.


  • 6X™ Chassis System
  • Medium to Wide Fit | Medium Flex
  • Dual-Zone Lacing w/ Hex Locks
  • Laser Cut and Sonic Welded Uni-Body Sides
  • Carbon w/ TPU Matric Flexible Support Structure
  • Honeycomb Flex Floor and Drainage System
  • TPE Impact Dampening Base
  • Reflex Performance Liner and Dual Density EVA
  • Color: White