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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Tao 6X Binding - Black

2024 Liquid Force Tao 6X Binding - Black

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2024 Liquid Force Tao 6X Binding - Black

As DG’s binding of choice, you know they’re primed for an epic time on the water!

Get ready for an epic time on the water with the 2024 Liquid Force Tao 6X Binding in Black, Daniel Grant's Pro Model. Designed for maximum enjoyment, this binding features a wider fit and a softer flex. With the 6X™ Chassis system, you'll experience lightweight, comfortable, and responsive performance, whether you're riding behind a boat or on a cable. The Honeycomb Flex Floor and TPE Impact Dampening Base provide a smooth ride and shock absorption, while the integrated EVA Comfort Liner keeps you supported and aligned. Get ready to tweak every grab and boost your confidence with the Tao 6X Binding. Available now at ProWake!

Daniel Grant's Pro Model is designed with a wider fit, softer flex, and optimized for maximum enjoyment! 

The TAO boasts a 6X™ Chassis that ensures Daniel remains securely attached to his board while launching kickers. Its flexible upper section enables you to tweak every grab on your next set while providing enough support to keep your confidence high on any maneuver in your bag of tricks.


  • The Liquid Force 6X™ Chassis system is a state of the art 6" wide mounting platform. Created by a dream team of world class athletes and Relentless designers, the 6X™ Chassis is the foundation for lightweight, comfortable, and responsive bindings for Boat and Cable riders alike.
  • Honeycomb Flex Floor and TPE Impact Dampening Base keep things smooth underfoot and add shock absorbers to your ride. The Honeycomb floor also doubles as full-length chassis water drainage system.
  • Integrated EVA Comfort Liner - Uses supple foam for comfort while still giving plenty of support. 2.5° cant keeps your body properly aligned while strapped in with less stress on your knees.
  • Ultimate Tweak! - Maximum Articulation due to Side Panel and Back Cuff Flex Zones.
  • Universally Compatible with 6" Inserts and LF FlexTrack Wakeboards.


  • 6X™ Chassis System
  • Medium to Wide Fit | Soft Flex
  • Dual-Zone Lacing w/ Hex Locks
  • Integrated Comfort Foam Upper w/ Upper Cuff Flex Zone
  • Articulating Side Panel and Back Cuff Flex Zone
  • Honeycomb Flex Floor
  • Full-length Chassis Water Drainage System
  • TPE Impact Dampening Base
  • Comfort Integrated EVA Liner