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2024 Ronix Combo 5.0 - Green

2024 Ronix Combo 5.0 - Green

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2024 RONIX COMBO 5.0

Introducing the 2024 Ronix Combo 5.0, the ultimate choice for wakeboarders seeking affordability without compromising quality. This package features a sleek coated mainline, a 15" hide grip with 3D molded pattern for exceptional traction, and Dyneema BarLock technology for reduced handle rotation, making it the perfect companion for riders of all levels. Choose from a range of vibrant colors, including Green, Yellow, and White, and elevate your wakeboarding experience with ProWake today!

Our most affordable package with a sleek coated mainline.

MAINLINE – R6 80ft – 6 Sections

GRIP – 3D Molded Hide


  • 15” Hide grip with 3D molded pattern for an extra tacky grip
  • Dyneema BarLock = less handle rotation
  • 3mm Thick memory foam
  • 1.15” Handle diameter
  • Handle strung with 12-strand Dyneema rope
  • Filled inside with EVA for flotation
  • R6 80ft mainline with 6-sections
  • Available in: Green, Yellow, White