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2024 Ronix R8 Floating Mainline - White / Black

2024 Ronix R8 Floating Mainline - White / Black

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80ft floating hard silicone coated Dyneema mainline with embossed honeycomb pattern.

Introducing the 2024 Ronix R8 80ft Floating Mainline, a premium choice for wakeboarders who demand the best. This mainline boasts an 80ft length, hard silicone-coated Dyneema construction with an embossed honeycomb pattern, and a buoyant design that ensures it floats on the water. Its ultra-thin round silicone two-tone coated cover, 100% Dyneema core, and abrasion-free, snag-resistant properties make it a top-tier addition to your wakeboarding setup. With multiple take-off sections for customization and color options like White/Black, Volt/Charcoal, Sand/Black, and Azure Blue/White, this mainline offers both performance and style for riders of all levels.


  • Ultra-thin round silicone two-tone coated cover
  • Buoyant technology – it floats!
  • 100% Dyneema core
  • Abrasion free, snag resistant cover
  • 85ft total length including handle
  • One 45ft section
  • Seven total take off sections
  • One – 10ft take off section
  • Four – 5ft take off sections
  • Two - 2.5ft take off sections
  • Available in: White/Black, Volt/Charcoal, Sand/Black, Azure Blue/White