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2024 Hyperlite Freepress Boot

2024 Hyperlite Freepress Boot

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2024 Hyperlite Freepress Boot Pair

Introducing the 2024 Hyperlite Freepress Boot Pair, the tallest and most supportive system boot designed by JB O’Neill. These boots offer maximum support and performance with advanced features like a fully lasted fit, 3D Heat Moldable Pro Liner, and PowerPOP EVA Foam Insoles, making them the top choice for wakeboarding enthusiasts. Available in various sizes from 7 to 13, these boots deliver an unmatched wakeboarding experience for riders of all levels at Prowake.

Tallest and most supportive system boot by JB O’Neill.

• 2-Part Theory
• 3-Part Construction
• Range of Motion – Mid
• Support Feel – Max
• Fully Lasted Fit
• Thermo Formed Tongue
• 3D Heat Moldable Pro Liner
• PowerPOP EVA Foam Insoles
• New EVA Midsole + Rubber Traction Outsole
• Outsole Stitched to Boot Heel
• Internal Ankle Harness
• Articulating Cuff
• Flow Through H2O Drainage
• Lace Colsure – Single
• SIZES: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13