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2024 Hyperlite System Lowback Black

2024 Hyperlite System Lowback Black

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2024 Hyperlite System Lowback Black

Unleash your full wakeboarding potential with the 2024 Hyperlite System LowBack in sleek Black, available at Prowake. This binding offers the ultimate connection to your board, ensuring freedom and flexibility on the water, featuring innovative design elements like the 2-Part Theory, Hydrophobic Flexion Ankle Strap, and compatibility exclusively with our System Boot line for an unbeatable wakeboarding experience.

The new System LowBack provides the ultimate wakeboard
connection while granting free riders freedom and flexibility.

SIZES: 6/9, 10/13
COLORS: White, Black/Gold
• 2-Part Theory
• Baseless Interface
• Reinforced N7 Chassis
• Aluminum Mounting System
• Heel Hold Grip Pad
• New Hydrophobic Flexion Ankle Strap
• New Hydrophobic Toe-Strap
• Adjustable Toe-Strap

*Remember the System Binding is designed to work exclusively with
our System Boot line. Both components are needed for use.