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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set

2024 Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set

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2024 Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set

Start Your Foiling Journey Right.

Meet the 2024 Liquid Force Flite 120 Foil Set, your gateway to foiling adventures, now at Prowake! Designed for riders transitioning from the basics, this set offers super stable flight at lower speeds and includes upgrades like a longer 27" Aluminum Alloy Mast and TC 28 Tail Wing for enhanced height and stability. Start your foiling journey right with the Flite 120, exclusively at Prowake!

You’ve mastered the basics!  Probably coming off of the Launch 120 Foil Kit, you’re up in the air and are all-in on foiling now.

The Flight 120 Kit has all the great features of the Launch Kit, but with two specific upgrades.  With the Flight Kit, you’ll get a longer 27” Aluminum Alloy Mast and the TC 28 Tail Wing.  The longer mast will give you more height off the surface of the water to begin mastering pumping and the upgraded rear wing provides more stability as you start venturing out from the 1st Wake!

Once you feel comfortable on the Flite 120, start checking out our Horizon line for your next progression deeper into Foiling!


  • Super Stable Flight - Performs at Lower Speeds
  • Maximize Your Progression with the Upgraded 27” Mast and TC 28 Rear Wing
  • Only the Highest quality materials are used throughout.
  • Everything you need to begin venturing out past the 1st Wake and Pumping!


  • Flite 120 Front Wing - Surface Area 1200 cm² | Wingspan 65 cm
  • TC 28 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 280 cm²
  • 27" Alloy Mast
  • 54 cm Bayonet Fuselage
  • Padded Wing Covers