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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force G21 Rear Wing

2024 Liquid Force G21 Rear Wing

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2024 Liquid Force G21 Rear Wing

Upgrade your lake foiling experience with the 2024 Liquid Force G21 Rear Wing at Prowake. Designed for all skill levels and optimized for wakesurf boat speeds, this wing's medium aspect ratio and low-speed lift ensure exceptional performance in various lake conditions.

This medium aspect wing for is for all levels andabilities. With a low speed lift, these foils are gearedto excel within all conditions found on the lake. they are optimized For wakesurf boat speed and, depending on the size, can be foiled on everything from a jet ski to large fast wakes.


  • 210cm2
  • 35cm Span
  • 5.8 Aspect Ratio
  • 8cm Chord