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Liquid Force

2024 Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard

2024 Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard

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2024 Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard

A High flying, bullet proof, monster of a park board!

Get ready to soar to new heights with the 2024 Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard – Daniel Grant's all-out assault weapon for the park! With Hotbox Technology, this board offers lightweight flex without sacrificing pop. The Tao's stepped deck design allows for more flex in the tip and tail while maintaining response and rigidity for those big tricks. It's equipped with LF Exclusive 4-Up FlexBar Inserts and is optimized for Liquid Force 6X/6R Model Bindings, making it universally compatible with all bindings featuring a 6" mounting spread. Whether you're hitting the wake or grinding rails, the Tao has you covered. Elevate your park game with the Tao – available now at ProWake!

Welcome to the all new 2024 TAO, Daniel Grant’s new and improved all out assault weapon! When tasked with redesigning the TAO it is hard to ignore DG’s prowess on both a wakeboard and wakeskate, so we built a wakeskate into his board! Hotbox technology keeps your pop high without sacrificing flexibility. The Tao flexes like never before while still holding on to those huge landings Daniel is known for.


  • Hotbox Technology gives lightweight flex without sacrificing pop. The center wakeskate allows you to sink into the board for a more direct feel while the thickened rail keeps everything strong. Where your bindings mount there is a mellow cant to the board and this sits 2-3mm lower than the top sheet for an unreal planted feeling
  • Stepped deck design allows the board to flex more in the tip and tail while still keeping all the response and rigidity needed to go big! Think thinner in the tips and thicker in the center.
  • Redesigned base to have minimal channels to keep everything loose on features. The Tao now has single hull tip and tail channels but otherwise clean and flat. Plenty of grip for a huge cut, loose for rails.
  • Equipped with LF Exclusive 4-Up FlexBar Inserts
    • Optimized with Liquid Force 6X/6R Model Bindings
    • Universal Compatibility with All Bindings Featuring 6" Mounting Spread


  • Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker
  • Paulownia Wood CNC'd Core - Made at the LF Solar Powered Fun Factory
  • Hot Box | Stepped Deck
  • Tip/Tail Design: Full Rounded Scallop Tail Shape
  • Tip Channels
  • Lifted Catch-Free Rail Design - Improved Confidence on Features
  • Liquid Rails
  • Sintered Grind Base
  • Finless Design