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2024 Radar Asteroid 3 Person - Blue / Red

2024 Radar Asteroid 3 Person - Blue / Red

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2024 Radar Asteroid 3 Person

Introducing the 2024 Radar Asteroid 3 Person tube, where adventure reaches the stratosphere. Its unique shape provides incredible top water speed, and the new donut bolster design ensures you stay soaring on top of the water instead of flipping through it. Featuring Spoon-O-Vation for added excitement, a Marshmallow Soft Top for comfort, an 840 Denier Nylon Cover for durability, and a 30 Gauge PVC Bladder for reliability. Sized for 3 riders with an 80-inch round shape, it's the ultimate choice for a thrilling ride with friends and family, exclusively at ProWake.

You’ll be flying to the brink of the stratosphere in the new Asteroid. Our unique shape gives tons of top water speed but the new donut bolster ensures that you stay flying on top of the water and not flipping through it. 


  • Spoon-O-Vation
  • Marshmallow Soft Top
  • 840 Denier Nylon Cover
  • 30 Gauge PVC Bladder
  • Donut Bolster

Size: 3 Riders – 80” Round