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2024 Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard

2024 Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard

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2024 Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard

ProWake's Pick: The 2024 Slingshot Bearden impresses with its innovative design, flexibility, and durability, offering top-tier performance for versatile wakeboarding experiences.

The Bearden is one of our softest park boards that enables you to flex and press like a boss all through the park. Chined rails increase your chances of perfecting MJ slides while decreasing your chances of catching an edge on those infamous ruffle pipes! 

Package Includes: 2024 Bearden Wakeboard 


The Bearden is here to stay, and in a BIG way. For 2024 the size range stretches from 140 all the way to 156 so there's a size for everyone to jump on board! The Bearden comes with one of the softest flex patterns in the line as well as chined rails. If you're anything like pro team rider Crosse Bearden you'll be sliding this rig through puddles of mud, across the lawn, over the rooftops, and just about anywhere else there's a tow rope and a little bit of water. Crosse has taught us a TON about what is truly on or off limits when it comes to wakeboarding, and this board has helped him to unlock all sorts of new possibilities. If you're looking for a simply, durable, and playful setup that will allow you to press like a king the Bearden is the answer. We made the Bearden to celebrate one of the most progressive, humble, and appreciative pro riders in the sport of wakeboarding: Crosse Bearden. It's based off of one of our legacy top-selling models (the Terrain) with small upgrades to meet the needs of the best riders in the park. Its speed and freedom on the water and the ease of press-ability on rails. It's fast, forgiving, and dang-near indestructible! 

Atomic Wood Core 

Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their signature flex performance. It's lightweight and durable, delivering superior pop, rebound, and that overall magical feeling in the park. 

Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls 

Our innovative manufacturing process produces unrivalled dampening and durability by infusing the rail into the core of the board with a single shot, eliminating the need for fasteners or staples. 

Carbon Bedrock Inserts 

Light, flexible, and super strong, our Carbon Bedrock Inserts reduce overall board weight, increase pull strength, and allow for a more consistent flex under foot. 

Ballistic Base 

With .7mm's of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you're sliding across, this base layer is ready for battle. Put to the test daily by some of the most daring park riders in the game. 

Continuous Rocker Profile 

This continuous curve equates to faster board speed on the water, allowing you to ride for longer periods of time with less arm fatigue and delivering an exciting, fast, and fun feel. 

Chined Rails 

The toe and heel edges of the board are raised up approximately 4-5 mm, creating a small buffer zone between the edges of your board and uneven rail surfaces to help protect your edges.